Wednesday, July 29, 2009

When did you two meet?

The Associated Press reports that neighbors of a suspected North Carolina terrorist are finding it hard to believe that the man is a terrorist. Here's a quote from one of the neighbors, Charles Casale..."if he's a terrorist, he's the nicest terrorist I've ever met in my life......"

Now I don't claim to know anything about this suspect, his neighbors or really this situation. (Yea like that surprises you, no I haven't actually read any background info on this)

It begs the question though as to how many terrorists Mr. Casale has actually met in his life and if it's more than one, why isn't somebody investigating him.

Friday, July 10, 2009

R.I.P Kady

Kady Bowman (AKA:Kitten) passed away at Bluffs Animal Hospital today. She was 15. She had had a short battle with cancer.

Kady ws very different from her brother Kody. Kady was shyer, more standoffish. She however loved husband from the day she met him. I figured I had to marry him since he was the only person she really liked.

Kady loved to chase and catch lizards on the porch with her borther.

She enjoined eating also. Her favorites were meat, and chicken and fish...the staples. She also liked pasta.

Kady is survived by her mom, Sonja and Husband, and her sister Nala and many, many friends and family.

Much thanks to the doctor's and staff at Bluffs Animal Hospital for all their great care of Kady right to the end.