Friday, September 10, 2010

Never Forget

I was going to post the September 11 column by Leonard Pitts, but as I read through it again I realized that his column was written in a time of shock and grief and anger. Yes we should never forget what happened on 9/11 and we should always remember the sacrifice of the police, firefighters and citizens on that day. We should alsoremember the sacrifice made by our Service men and women since that day.

But this should be a time of healing and remembrance, not anger and irrational idealism. Islam is not our enemy. Those who warp the words and ideals of Islam to further their murderous agenda are our enemy. Just as those who warp the words and ideals of Christianity, or any other religion to forward an agenda of hate and prejudice should be the concern of all rational thinking people.

This country was founded on the premise that we should all have the right to worship as we please. We have the right to free speech, and I may not agree with what you say, but at one time I swore an oath to defend your right to to say it, no matter how idiotic. I may no longer have the authority but I still believe in that oath.

On this 9/11 Anniversary let's remember what is important, our family friends and freedoms. Tell those important to you how you feel, and take the time to thank those who swore an oath to protect your freedoms, even your right to be and idiot.