Monday, February 18, 2008

My Mother is pissed off again

We are involved in an unpopular war - our young men and women are dying on foreign soil every day. Our economy is in big trouble. People are losing their homes to foreclosure. The jobless rate is getting higher every day and we have gunmen roaming our high school and college campuses shooting people for no reason whatsoever.

And what is our Congress doing?

They are wasting their time and our tax dollars trying to determine if an overpaid, pampered, baseball player lied about taking performance enhancing drugs.


If this guy is so stupid as to put crap in his body that will hurt his health or kill him, in the hope of hitting a few more home runs – WHO CARES! It’s a game folks – not national security.

If he did it or didn’t do it - lied about it or didn’t lie about it, it has no effect on me. The fact that the house next door to me has been foreclosed on and the people who lived there are out in the street and many of my friends and family are out of work and it costs more each time I go to the grocery store does have an impact on my life.

Congress needs to get off its ass and do something about the problems of every day

Friday, February 15, 2008

Nature's depression

Tonight I have some sad news to report. A pigeon who was apparently depressed committed suicide by free diving into to front window of my house this evening. I was not home, but I am told that chaos ensued with cats running for cover and husband tried to figure out if he needed to hurt people for throwing thing through our windows.

Needless to say, the poor pigeon did not make it and we have a big broken window in the front of our house. Things just keep getting better.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm not that kind of doctor

But I am a doctor. I successfully defended my dissertation today and can now be called Dr. There's some final editing that needs to be done and graduation is in July,but I'm essentially done.

Dr. Sonja

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Puppy Bowl IV

Next year, may I suggest Puppy Bowl V as your pre-game Super Bowl viewing.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Another Mom segment

Here's a three part segment of.....

Things That Piss My Mother Off

1. Performers that can’t, or won’t, sing our National Anthem properly.

Sparks didn’t do a half bad job at the Super Bowl but it still wasn’t good. She started out pretty good but was a disappointment in the end.
The Star Spangled Banner is our National Anthem. It belongs to all Americans and is not a song that one should “take” and “make it your own”.
So stop all the warbling and sing it the way it was written, and with reverence and respect.
Did you ever hear “Oh Canada” or “God Save The Queen” stylized?

My Comments: I think Jordan Sparks did a very good and respectable job last night. It could have been like Rosanne Barr.

2. What’s up with old rockers for Half-Time entertainment. First the Rolling Stones and now Tom Petty? It’s football folks! What ever happened to marching bands, baton twirlers and pretty cheerleaders.

This year's half time show was one of the best yet. It didn't look like it was produced by MTV or BET. I loved the stripped down, band singing. For the record I don't ever remember a marching band in pro football. That's high school and college mom

3. Regarding commercials – Violence is not funny !! Horses are.

Yes the Budweiser horses commercials were good. I always love those, but when that mouse busted out of the wall and beat that guy up in the Doritos commercial, I laughed by butt off. Yes violence can sometime be very funny