Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Change is bad....

....Or I'm a freak.

So we got our new bedroom set today. Its beautiful, its oak, its mature. I love it....and I hate it. I hate change, really any change. Once I get used to it , I'll be fine, but right now...

Here's the deal, when I got the new roof on the house...a much needed new roof I might add....I burst into tears when I first saw it. But I got used to it.

The room will be fine, the room is fine....I'm just a freak.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday Awwww Moment

If you haven't done so, spend some time viewing the cutest baby panda in the world. You can watch her from 10 AM to 5 pm EST. I will warn you that she sleeps qute a bit, but even that's cute.

Winter comes to Florida

Finally, something resembling winter has come to Florida. It is currently 49 degrees where I'm at and I could not be happier. Of course it would be better if I was curled up in bed under my down comforter, but whatever.

Considering it was 80 degrees on Christmas day, which just sucks, its nice to have some cold temperatures. Finally I can pull the sweaters out the storage, put on a leather jacket and all the stuff you do in the cold.

You see I remember a time in Florida when we actually had seasons. Yep, Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter. You could actually tell. There were two distinct time when you could turn off the AC/heater and open the house, and these times were sandwiched in between AC time and heater time. But alas, no more. I 've had the AC on for most of "winter" because its been too bloody how to open the house. Thank you Global Warming.

Here's my theory, when its cold there are ways to warm up, build a fire, put on a coat, get under a blanket, snuggle (under the blanket). But when its hot, there is nothing you can do to make it less miserable. You can only take off so much clothing before it becomes illegal. And where does that leave jail, nekkid and still hot & sweaty. Nobody wants to see that.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Become an M&M

So now you too can become an M&M! Just go to Become an MM. Here I am lounging by the pool with my pet turtle, pokey.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday's ethical question

So this was a discussion in a meeting I was at yesterday. I was not a participant, only and observer in said meeting.

You are the director of a police academy/training center. This academy is a para-military organization, however because you are part of a college/university/school board, so your recruits are also considered college students.

During morning flag raising ceremonies the recruits are expected to salute the flag. One of your students refuse to salute based on their religious tenets. They are not disruptive in any manner, they just refuse to salute. Here's your options:

1) Pull the students from that activity and hope that peer pressure and the need to belong changes their beliefs.

2) Throw them out of the academy (or if they are sponsored by an agency, have them fire based on a department rule stating that all employees must respect the flag)

3) Have them remain in formation during the ceremony, standing at attention and not saluting.

In this particular discussion, number three was not mentioned as an option. I was appalled. Apparently some of these people have never read the Constitution and are unaware that the student has the right to practice their religion free from persecution.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm a mess

So this is not what I intended to write today, but for the record, I'm a mess today. I slept in an extra 1/2 hr because I had to have blood drawn and the lab didn't open until 7:30. I get there at 7:32 and there is already 10 people ahead of me. So I wait 20 minutes and then realize that I'm pretty sure I left my insurance card at my office...45 minutes away. So I leave. I drive down the road and find my insurance card in my purse. So I go back and wait another 15 minutes and get my blood drawn.

Some where in this process, I realized that I left the house without a belt. This would not be a big issue except I have lost a few pounds (good thing) and now will spend my day pulling my pants up. FYI, the lab is 5 minutes away from my house, but I didn't bother to go get a belt.

Then there was a line at Starbucks, and did I mention that I am starving because I had to fast for the blood thing. And finally, there was an accident on my route so I had to find a different way to work. Luckily I know like 5.

On the up side, looking at the positive and giving credit where credit is due, as Ginger would say....The sweater I wore today makes my boobs look great!!

PS: One of my coworkers seems to be a bigger mess than I am....Yea me!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Today's Message from the Universe

Do you know what people who amass wealth, friends, and laughter have in common with those who don't?

Very often, Meredith, both look around at their lives and say, "Yeah, this is who I am. It must have been meant to be."

Must be a trick of the light.

The Universe

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Accosted by the homeless

So here's the story.... I went to the gas station in the hood this morning and as I was pumping gas a homeless veteran approached me. How do I know he was a homeless vet, because he told me and showed me his ID and VA card so I could verify it. So here's the scoop

HG: "Miss can you help me, I need money to get the bus to the VA to get my meds"
Me: I don't have any cash, sorry
HG: I'm begging you (on knees begging)
Me: Get up, I'd love to help, but have no cash
HG: You could get cash in the store
Me: Ummm, No
HG: Please
Me: What do you need for the bus
HG: A cab would be $10
Me: Ummm, no
HG: You could DRIVE me
Me: (to myself, Umm Hell No)...I have a cup of change, you can have it if you want
HG: (disappointed) ok, I'll take the change

Ok, I am sympathic to the plight of the homeless and I thank every vet serving for that service and my continued freedom. BUT, If I say I have no cash, move on. Jesus H, I just want to get gas and go to work.

Now what does it say about me that I will scream at my boss and tell people I know and love to fuck off, but I can't be forceful with a homeless guy and tell him to fuck off.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Open Letter to the guy in my neighborhood with no muffler

Dear Guy with no Muffler,

First, get a fucking muffler. I don't know if you just don't have one or if you have one of those BS "sportster" pieces of shit mufflers that make it sound like you don't have one. I don't care, I can hear your car 6 blocks away. If you can afford to live in this neighborhood, you can afford a new muffler.

Second, why do you insist on driving up and down the street all night for no apparent reason? At 1100pm? On a work night? If you want to drive around for no reason go outside the neighborhood, get on the interstate. Shit dude, the rest of us have jobs we have to go to. In order to do that we have to sleep.

Buy a muffler, rent a new car, move; I don't really care. Just fucking go away!

Your Annoyed Neighbor