Friday, January 26, 2007

Winter comes to Florida

Finally, something resembling winter has come to Florida. It is currently 49 degrees where I'm at and I could not be happier. Of course it would be better if I was curled up in bed under my down comforter, but whatever.

Considering it was 80 degrees on Christmas day, which just sucks, its nice to have some cold temperatures. Finally I can pull the sweaters out the storage, put on a leather jacket and all the stuff you do in the cold.

You see I remember a time in Florida when we actually had seasons. Yep, Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter. You could actually tell. There were two distinct time when you could turn off the AC/heater and open the house, and these times were sandwiched in between AC time and heater time. But alas, no more. I 've had the AC on for most of "winter" because its been too bloody how to open the house. Thank you Global Warming.

Here's my theory, when its cold there are ways to warm up, build a fire, put on a coat, get under a blanket, snuggle (under the blanket). But when its hot, there is nothing you can do to make it less miserable. You can only take off so much clothing before it becomes illegal. And where does that leave jail, nekkid and still hot & sweaty. Nobody wants to see that.

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