Saturday, April 26, 2008

Killing stuff -- UPDATED

So the National news is reporting that the hunt is on for a shark who killed a triathlete in California. Now my BFF is a triathlete and it would kill me if she were killed by a shark. I have to ask though why are hunting down and probably killing this shark?

This happens in Florida with alligators too. Every time an alligator crawls out of a lake for a walk or bites a guy who's swimming in the lake, some trapper hunts it down and kills it.

So, let me got this straight, we swim in the ocean or a lake or camp in the deep woods and are so shocked when nature mistakes us for food or perceives us as a threat, that we have to kill it. WTF!! Weren't they here first?

When a shark goes swimming in my bath tub then I think I have a right to kill it.

"Hi I'm Mr. Shark and I live in the in the ocean. If you swim in the ocean, I might eat you. This has been a public service announcement."

-----UPDATE -----

So our former Governor Jeb Bush is quoted in Sunday's paper talking about why he opposed spending tax dollars to market alligator meat.

"Alligators proliferate in Florida. They eat small dogs. We don't need to market them, we need to kill them"

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Antisocial Behavior

We are apparently antisocial. Husband and I were invited to a cookout at the neighbor's yesterday. We went arrived we were told the one of the neighbors we had bet with the host -- a 12 pack that we wouldn't show up.

Granted although we knew the host, we had never met the other neighbors at the party. But just because we don't want to stand outside socializing with the neighbors all the time doesn't make us antisocial. Or maybe it does.

Either way, we showed up ate food and socialized with the neighbors. Then we went home, locked the doors and put the Do not disturb sign on the door.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Taking the cat for a drag

When Wendy lived with me, she/we had a basset hound named Molly. When we would take Molly for a walk, it would always end up being a drag, literally. You had to walk down the middle of the road, especially near the end of the walk. If you got to close to the grass, Molly would just flop over and lay down and there was almost no getting her back up..hence taking the dog for a drag.

So what does this have to do with my cat. Well Kody got into the garage this evening and while I was trying to herd him back in the house (an event in it self), he decided to flop over and just lay there. He's no little kitten either, 16 lbs of pure catness.

Hence, taking the cat for a drag.

Here is his Catness in all his glory.

To be fair, I have to show off Kady too. She's my crazy little girl. Here she is in all her craziness.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

New Windows

The new windows are in and great:

Here's the full set of old windows. If you look closely you can see the broken panel (middle window on the first set)
Here's the actual broken window. If you want to see the poor dead pigeon, I have pictures of that too. Just let me know.

Here is the redneck attempt to fix the window until the new ones came in. The garbage bag is a nice touch. That's husband's police car in the reflection.

The unmowed lawn really adds to the redneck look of we are trying to achieve. That truck belongs to the County. Probably code enforcement.

These are the nice contractors who showed up at my door to install the window at 8:30 AM.

The big gapping hole in my house.

And here is our brand new beautimous window. I kind of miss the garbage bag.