Friday, April 04, 2008

Taking the cat for a drag

When Wendy lived with me, she/we had a basset hound named Molly. When we would take Molly for a walk, it would always end up being a drag, literally. You had to walk down the middle of the road, especially near the end of the walk. If you got to close to the grass, Molly would just flop over and lay down and there was almost no getting her back up..hence taking the dog for a drag.

So what does this have to do with my cat. Well Kody got into the garage this evening and while I was trying to herd him back in the house (an event in it self), he decided to flop over and just lay there. He's no little kitten either, 16 lbs of pure catness.

Hence, taking the cat for a drag.

Here is his Catness in all his glory.

To be fair, I have to show off Kady too. She's my crazy little girl. Here she is in all her craziness.

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W said...

I love it, I miss my molly! good to see your children doing well and looking as wownderful as always