Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Of Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs

Yesterday two officers from the Tampa Police Department were killed on a traffic stop. The killer, who had a warrant for his arrest, shot both officers in the head. Neither officer had time to draw his weapon or call on the radio. Citizens who witnessed the shooting called to report it. Both officers were 31 years old; one had a child due next week and the other had 4 boys.

The killer had a long criminal history. He was acquitted on charges of attempted murder at one point. I have already heard the question, and it will be asked a lot in the coming days; "why was a person with a history like this out on the street?"

The easy answer it this....this is how our justice system work. He either served his time or was acquitted. But its not really an easy answer is it? Unfortunately, our system of justice is not equipped to handle people like this. If this killer doesn't get shot during apprehension, he will be tried for two counts of capital murder and will most likely get the death penalty. But it took the lives of two good cops to get this far. Unless the citizens become willing give up certain rights and live in a police state where justice is dispensed immediately and without fail then tragedies like this will continue to happen. The great things is that, knowing this, the sheepdogs still go into battle.

Two sheepdogs were killed yesterday and despite that today, sheepdogs all over this country got up and went out like they do everyday and protected their sheep from the wolves.

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