Thursday, September 28, 2006

Suicide Attempt or OD?

I wasn't sure I wanted to address this here, but what the hell. So, TO didn't try to kill himself? Honestly, who cares! So it was an accidental OD. Really now? My point is this, if you have been an athlete for as long as TO, I'm sure you have been on pain meds before. By now, shouldn't you know how they react with your finely tuned machine? If you don't you are just an idiot and probably deserved what you got. Survival of the fittest baby!! I really, really don't like TO. And BTW what the hell kind of supplements are you taking that they cause that severe a reaction to prescription pain meds? Sounds fishy to me, then again have I mentioned that I don't like TO?

On the other hand kudos to the Dallas PD Deputy Chief for backing up his officer. I like to see an agency head back his people despite what is probably overwhelming pressure from the corporate whoring machines to push said officer under a bus.

Dallas police chief David Kunkle said he has "great confidence in the original officer report," which said rescue workers were called to the scene because of an attempted "suicide by prescription pain medication." The police document also said a friend described Owens as being depressed and that Owens said "Yes" when asked whether he was trying to harm himself.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

When you piddle....

I understand that sometimes boys dribble when they piddle. I shared a bathroom with my brother growing up, I get it. If you are a courteous man, you wipe it up. Now, I can't even begin to guess what happens in the public men's room, but my guess is that since men don't usually sit. This brings me to my point, Why in the name of all that is holy is there wetness on the seat of the women's toilet?

I really don't get it, never have. You sit with your ass on the toilet and yet somehow there is liquid left on the seat. Do you dribble? Is it flush spray? WTF. Either way, wipe it up!!! Why you may ask? Because I shouldn't have to look before I pee. I'm just saying.

On Wheel of Fortune: Category: Place
Contestant # 2 "Can I have a 'K'?
'K'?, are you fucking kidding me? This was the final round with not remotely enough letters to be asking for a 'K'.
On an Olive Garden Commercial:
"Can you tell what the endless pasta bowl is?"
Geez dipshit, what the hell do you think it is? Its all you can eat pasta. Moron.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

TV Season

So this week has been the start of the new TV Season! I have been waiting all summer for this week. So far I'm very happy with my new TV season.

The one I am concerned about, Jericho. Seriously, if you are depressed or suicidal, don't watch this. In one hour there were two nuclear bombs, like 20 people and a deer died. Its a real downer, but I think I might be sucked in. The DH complained that there were too many commercials, but I figure there has to be that many so you won't kill yourself.

I even accused the DH of trying to kill me by getting me to kill my self. Of course I informed him that he gets nothing if I suicide. I'm sure my insurance policy has a clause.

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Universe Speaks

Pretty much nothing in time and space, Sonja, is as important as you think it is.

Except, of course, dreaming.

The Universe

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Ok, so this post is influenced by my new current obsession, Dave Navarro. For those who don't know, Dave Navarro was with Jane's Addiction, his new band Panic Channel and he is the producer and host of RockStar: SuperNova.

Now just to get things straight, when I say obsession, I don't mean in the "stalker, going to show up at your house and hold you hostage" kind of obsession. Its more of a "read your blog, listen to your music, want to read more about you" kind of obsession. But I digress.

Anyway on to my rant, which involves said RS:SN. Apparently there are rumors and conspiracy theories involving the show. Ok Listen up people, REALITY TV IS NOT REAL!!!

The whole basis of TV is entertainment. The people on Survivor are not really surviving, if they were somebody would surely die. Who cares if the outcome is already decided (which I don't think is the case), its all about entertainment. So sit back, relax and be entertained.

If you want reality, watch CNN, or better yet, go outside.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

100 Things

About Me

1. My name is not Sonja
2. Sonja Blue is my favorite fictional character
3. I got married for the first time at 37
4. I have only lived in two States; Florida and Colorado
5. I was 15 years old when I made my career decision
6. I am not on the track I planned at 15
7. I’m ahead behind schedule
8. I am one dissertation away from a Doctorate I have my Doctorate
9. I have 2 great fur babies; Kody & Kady
10. I have no plans to have human children
11. I have recently discovered my creative side
12. I scrapbook
13. I love mixed martial arts and the UFC
14. I am currently obsessed with Dave Navarro WEC Lightweight Campion Urijah Faber
15. I’m 1/16 Seminole Indian on my father’s side
16. I’m all European on my mother’s side
17. I’ve been know to line dance
18. My best friend is like my sister
19. I never lived in or rented an apartment
. I never worked in the fast food industry
21. I suck a waiting tables
22. I love country music
23. I hate rap
24. I look good in Wranglers
25. I cry easily
26. I believe in the power of hypnosis
27. I also believe in acupuncture
28. I’m a fan of Tito Ortiz
29. No matter how hard I try to make them grow, I kill plants
30. I am not domestic
31. I’m allergic to my “kids”
32. I still ascribe human emotions to inanimate objects and animals
33. I have one younger brother
34. I met my husband during in-service training
35. I no longer work for that police department
36. It had nothing to do with him
37. I had my belly button pierced for 1 year
38. It never healed right and I took it out on my wedding night
39. I had bagpipes at my wedding
40. I am not religious
41. I believe in God
42. I also believe there is life beyond our universe
43. I have 5 tattoos
44. I will probably get more
45. Fall is my favorite season
46. October is my favorite month
47. Halloween is my favorite holiday
48. My name was supposed to be Elizabeth
49. If I had a daughter I would have named her after my
50. I love the smell of fresh cut grass
51. I hate to walk barefoot in the grass
52. I prefer beer over liquor
53. I look good in my cowboy hat
54. I love horseback riding
55. I want to own a horse
56. I love to watch bull riding
57. And hockey
58. I like to swear
59. I have a Godson in Ohio
60. I don’t think I’m a smart as others think I am
61. My best friend and I celebrate our birthday’s for a week
62. I can’t spell
63. Or do basic math
64. I can do complex statistics like a Chi Square
65. I can’t imagine what I did before I discovered DVR
66. I believe in the death penalty
67. I’m pro-choice
68. I believe gays should be allowed to marry
69. I am slightly OCD at work
70. I don’t wear dresses or skirts or heels
71. I wore Victorian style lace boots under my wedding dress
72. My wedding dress was simple and beautiful
73. I talk to myself out loud
74. I’m probably a bit crazy
75. I found I can only hold the crazy down for about three weeks
76. My hubby lasted past three weeks
77. I love my Sirius Radio
78. True Hollywood Story on Sirius is one of my guilty pleasures
79. I’m genetically engineered to sleep
80. I like it really cold when I sleep
81. I was almost kicked out of Disney World for being too happy
82. I was kicked out of an Applebee’s and a Pizza Hut for being too loud
83. I believe that Gatlinburg TN is the 7th circle of hell
84. I can’t siphon a hot tub
85. I can rewire my front porch light
86. I collect flamingos (not real ones, but that would be cool)
87. I am finding the last 13 of these difficult
88. I still love Welch’s Grape soda
89. I only like Lesuere very young small early peas
90. I don’t like fish
91. But I’ll eat smoked fish spread
92. I think bats are cool
93. I don’t wear dresses
94. I’m scared of cockroaches
95. Chocolate chips cookies are the best
96. I love chocolate-chip cookie dough
97. But not chocolate-chip cookie dough ice cream
98. I hate nuts on my ice cream
99. I love mint-chocolate chip ice cream
100. I’m not as computer literate as everyone thinks I am

Saturday, September 02, 2006

It's almost time...

Only 58 days until Halloween. Yippee!!!! I love Halloween. I can't wait to add to my decorations this year. Of course we're going to need a shed to put eveything in if I keep adding.

Its begining to look alot like Halloween all through the land!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Sweet yet disturbing

Ok, It seems that this is becomming my own personal quiz blog, but its not....this is sweet yet disturbing

You scored as Gunshot. Your death will be by gunshot, probably because you are some important person or whatever. Possibly a sniper, nice, quick, clean shot to the head. Just beautiful.







Natural Causes


















Cut Throat


How Will You Die??
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