Thursday, September 28, 2006

Suicide Attempt or OD?

I wasn't sure I wanted to address this here, but what the hell. So, TO didn't try to kill himself? Honestly, who cares! So it was an accidental OD. Really now? My point is this, if you have been an athlete for as long as TO, I'm sure you have been on pain meds before. By now, shouldn't you know how they react with your finely tuned machine? If you don't you are just an idiot and probably deserved what you got. Survival of the fittest baby!! I really, really don't like TO. And BTW what the hell kind of supplements are you taking that they cause that severe a reaction to prescription pain meds? Sounds fishy to me, then again have I mentioned that I don't like TO?

On the other hand kudos to the Dallas PD Deputy Chief for backing up his officer. I like to see an agency head back his people despite what is probably overwhelming pressure from the corporate whoring machines to push said officer under a bus.

Dallas police chief David Kunkle said he has "great confidence in the original officer report," which said rescue workers were called to the scene because of an attempted "suicide by prescription pain medication." The police document also said a friend described Owens as being depressed and that Owens said "Yes" when asked whether he was trying to harm himself.

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