Wednesday, September 27, 2006

When you piddle....

I understand that sometimes boys dribble when they piddle. I shared a bathroom with my brother growing up, I get it. If you are a courteous man, you wipe it up. Now, I can't even begin to guess what happens in the public men's room, but my guess is that since men don't usually sit. This brings me to my point, Why in the name of all that is holy is there wetness on the seat of the women's toilet?

I really don't get it, never have. You sit with your ass on the toilet and yet somehow there is liquid left on the seat. Do you dribble? Is it flush spray? WTF. Either way, wipe it up!!! Why you may ask? Because I shouldn't have to look before I pee. I'm just saying.

On Wheel of Fortune: Category: Place
Contestant # 2 "Can I have a 'K'?
'K'?, are you fucking kidding me? This was the final round with not remotely enough letters to be asking for a 'K'.
On an Olive Garden Commercial:
"Can you tell what the endless pasta bowl is?"
Geez dipshit, what the hell do you think it is? Its all you can eat pasta. Moron.

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