Thursday, May 31, 2007

Funniest thing I heard today......

....From our tattoo artist, whose shop is kind of in the hood. His slogan is "Good tattoos in a bad neighborhood"

Anyway here we sit waiting for husband to start sitting number 3 of a 4 sitting back piece and E.D. says..

"Oh I bought a slingshot off a homeless guy the other day...hang on", and then gets said slingshot to show us.

OK in retrospect maybe not so funny, but at the time hilarious....

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The good, the bad and the ......

So good news and bad news today. First the bad.

I'm not getting hired as soon as I thought. There were some set backs and my file didn't get finished. So I'm not getting a job. The next hire date is late August. Almost 2 months after I lost the current job. Unfortunately, I turned down another job process because everybody was sure I was going to get this one. I know that was stupid..story of my life. Anyway I called about that job and the supervisor is going to try to get me back in the process. Honestly, I'm not holding my breath.

Ok, now the good.

I sent out the emails for my dissertation and have had 38 people take my survey so far. I'm pretty stoked about that.

As of 7:00pm I'm up to 102 people who have completed the survey. WooHoo!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Seventh Day

I have been reminded by Dave that today is the 7th day since I last posted. There has not been not much to talk about. I should hear next week about the new job.

Last night was girl's night out. Big fun. We went to the Melting Pot for dinner. It was really good. The dinner for two which husband and I usually get was actually good enough for three. Just enough food and we were able to have chocolate for desert. I highly recommend the Flaming Turtle.

Well this is what we get. Not very exciting this week, but that's a good thing. Last week was far to stressful. But at least it's not a bunny with a pancake on its head.....

Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday message from the Universe

The Universe always knows what I need to hear....

Funny, Sonja, how when one links job satisfaction to financial compensation, they're never paid "enough." Yet, when they see work as a way to dance with life, meet new people, and unleash the creative tiger within, they become very rich, indeed.

Every kind of rich, Sonja.

The Universe

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Why people snap

This was a really bad morning. It started by me having to go to the Dr. to have my TB test read for the Sheriff's Office (SO). It was fine, I took the results to the SO and was told at that time that my file had been closed by psych. But I thought you said I passed my psych I inquired. Well, the psych Dr. advised that you did not disclose to him that you were on Prozac, which you did disclose on you medical report. **Sidebar, why would I tell one Dr. and not the other** Oh no, I protested I told him that was on on Sarafem (that's Prozac for those who don't know; apparently the shrink was one who didn't). No said the Detective. The Dr. said he asked you twice and you never disclosed it, but I will call him when he gets in at 9:30.

So at this point in our little story, I get back to my car, burst into tear and start to hyperventilate in the parking lot. I then drive home in this condition and wake up husband (who should get a medal by the way) in a hysterical fit. He thought I had run someone over with my car. I'm crying and still hyperventilating and he's trying to calm me down to get the story. Needless to say work was not an option.

This all occurred at 8:00am, by 10:15, the Det. called me back saying that No the Dr. was sure I didn't tell him. He took notes and indicates that I told him I was on Claritin, Allegra (two allergy pills...Hmmmm)and some other stuff that has no meaning here. To which I replied, I would never say I was on Claritin, because I'm not, I said Sarafem. But the Det, still says Sorry, I don't think he is going to change his mind.

At 10:30 the Det. calls me back and says that the Dr. want me to call him. I do and he explains that I have been the victim of a misunderstanding. When I told him I was on Sarafem, he did not know what that was and assumed I was mispronouncing Claritin. But he has since learned that Sarafem is another name for Prozac and has passed me, so sorry.

My file was reopened.

Are you fucking kidding me? Your a psychologist who prescribes meds. If you didn't know what it was, perhaps, I don't know ask me. Don't assume that I am so stupid I don't know how to pronounce the medications I'm one. Shit I told you I had a Master's degree and am close to a Doctorate. I mean at least he admitted he made a mistake, but in the mean time I'm a hysterical, crazy person practicing the words, "Do you want fries with that?"

Just for the record, I don't blame the detective for any of this, and suspect that the reason I got to talk to the shrink was because of him calling the Dr. back after the 10:15 conversation. Still I have a headache from the adrenalin and the crying. I just want this to be over and get an official job offer.

Monday, May 14, 2007

On My Way...

...toward finishing my dissertation. I defended my dissertation proposal today. This means that starting next week I can actually start collecting data and maybe get this thing finished soon. My professor is shooting for final defense in August, but I'm skeptical given the job change and the training I will have to do for the new job. If not August, I'm still hoping by December at the latest.

YEA ME!!!!!

On the new job front, I have to take my physical/drug screen tomorrow and I will be done with the pre-employment stuff. Today I had to look up how to write a letter of resignation in the Internet (what DID we do before the Internet), because it occurs to me that the last time I left a job I just did a department issue form. I don't know that I have ever done a letter of resignation. Anyway, if you need samples, About, is pretty good.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Report: Ricky Williams tests positive for pot

I am both shocked and amazed. Ricky Williams, the NFL running back who quit football so he wouldn't have to quit pot, tested positive for pot.

Williams sought to end a one-year drug suspension last month when he asked to rejoin the Miami Dolphins.....The Dolphins and the NFL declined comment. Before Williams’ latest setback, new Miami coach Cam Cameron repeatedly declined to say whether he would welcome Williams back.

Why is that something the Dolphins or the NFL would even consider? He's a fucking moron and a liability. The reason he wants to come back has nothing to do with his new "Eastern philosophy". He realized that without a multi-million dollar salary he can't afford to buy quality dope.

I've said this before (maybe not here), I am sick of the cry-baby punk-ass athletes who make millions of dollars and think the world owes them something.

Why is it again that teachers, and cops and those who try to make a difference don't get paid that kind of money? This was National Police Week. Let's remember those who really make a difference.