Friday, May 11, 2007


Report: Ricky Williams tests positive for pot

I am both shocked and amazed. Ricky Williams, the NFL running back who quit football so he wouldn't have to quit pot, tested positive for pot.

Williams sought to end a one-year drug suspension last month when he asked to rejoin the Miami Dolphins.....The Dolphins and the NFL declined comment. Before Williams’ latest setback, new Miami coach Cam Cameron repeatedly declined to say whether he would welcome Williams back.

Why is that something the Dolphins or the NFL would even consider? He's a fucking moron and a liability. The reason he wants to come back has nothing to do with his new "Eastern philosophy". He realized that without a multi-million dollar salary he can't afford to buy quality dope.

I've said this before (maybe not here), I am sick of the cry-baby punk-ass athletes who make millions of dollars and think the world owes them something.

Why is it again that teachers, and cops and those who try to make a difference don't get paid that kind of money? This was National Police Week. Let's remember those who really make a difference.


Dave said...

Ya'll have Ricky, we have Michael.

Though it sounds strange, I kind of like Ricky, he's warped, but mostly harmless. Kind of like a generation whatever it is now throwback hippie, with not quite enough money these days to support the lifestyle he got used to.

Memphis Steve said...

Ricky must have found himself some amazing weed to give up his career for that crap. "Millions of dollars and fame, or a bag of pot. Hmm, this is a hard decision. I'll just sit here and smoke this doobie while I think about it." Somebody needs to get him a better helmet. The man has brain damage.

SonjaB said...

dave~~ I can see your point. You are right though he is harmless in the big picture. At least he hasn't killed anyone.

memphis steve~~I don't know of any weed that good, but maybe they have really good shit in Miami. Thanks for coming by.