Saturday, April 26, 2008

Killing stuff -- UPDATED

So the National news is reporting that the hunt is on for a shark who killed a triathlete in California. Now my BFF is a triathlete and it would kill me if she were killed by a shark. I have to ask though why are hunting down and probably killing this shark?

This happens in Florida with alligators too. Every time an alligator crawls out of a lake for a walk or bites a guy who's swimming in the lake, some trapper hunts it down and kills it.

So, let me got this straight, we swim in the ocean or a lake or camp in the deep woods and are so shocked when nature mistakes us for food or perceives us as a threat, that we have to kill it. WTF!! Weren't they here first?

When a shark goes swimming in my bath tub then I think I have a right to kill it.

"Hi I'm Mr. Shark and I live in the in the ocean. If you swim in the ocean, I might eat you. This has been a public service announcement."

-----UPDATE -----

So our former Governor Jeb Bush is quoted in Sunday's paper talking about why he opposed spending tax dollars to market alligator meat.

"Alligators proliferate in Florida. They eat small dogs. We don't need to market them, we need to kill them"


Dave said...

Sonja, you're missing the point. They're going to make an example out of the shark, so other sharks will think twice when they happen upon a human.

SonjaB said...

Yea I do that with bugs in the house; doesn't work.

Wendy said...

And how do they Identify the correct shark, do they ask for Dental records and compare to the bite marks on the body. Do they interragate them all(the pod as a whole)"where were you the day of the attack" "I was at the reef 50 miles away, I swear!!!".

In closing, why would anyone swim,bike, and run they must be crazy.tee he

Wendy said...

Hey princess b-day week is about to begin, presents will be arriving shortly.