Sunday, April 20, 2008

Antisocial Behavior

We are apparently antisocial. Husband and I were invited to a cookout at the neighbor's yesterday. We went arrived we were told the one of the neighbors we had bet with the host -- a 12 pack that we wouldn't show up.

Granted although we knew the host, we had never met the other neighbors at the party. But just because we don't want to stand outside socializing with the neighbors all the time doesn't make us antisocial. Or maybe it does.

Either way, we showed up ate food and socialized with the neighbors. Then we went home, locked the doors and put the Do not disturb sign on the door.


Sonja's Mom said...

You are your father's daughter.

Dave said...

I've never been much for neighbors. Luck of the draw sort of thing. Family could be the same deal; but, there's a track record to judge once you've been stuck in the family for awhile.

Wendy said...

you, I have seen you be very social, but what goes on in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas

SonjaB said...


I didn't have to live near those cowboys.