Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Accosted by the homeless

So here's the story.... I went to the gas station in the hood this morning and as I was pumping gas a homeless veteran approached me. How do I know he was a homeless vet, because he told me and showed me his ID and VA card so I could verify it. So here's the scoop

HG: "Miss can you help me, I need money to get the bus to the VA to get my meds"
Me: I don't have any cash, sorry
HG: I'm begging you (on knees begging)
Me: Get up, I'd love to help, but have no cash
HG: You could get cash in the store
Me: Ummm, No
HG: Please
Me: What do you need for the bus
HG: A cab would be $10
Me: Ummm, no
HG: You could DRIVE me
Me: (to myself, Umm Hell No)...I have a cup of change, you can have it if you want
HG: (disappointed) ok, I'll take the change

Ok, I am sympathic to the plight of the homeless and I thank every vet serving for that service and my continued freedom. BUT, If I say I have no cash, move on. Jesus H, I just want to get gas and go to work.

Now what does it say about me that I will scream at my boss and tell people I know and love to fuck off, but I can't be forceful with a homeless guy and tell him to fuck off.


ƒåυνέ said...

Sucks, doesn't it?

Steven Novak said...

You should have given me a ride...

Was I really asking that much? ;)


SonjaB said...

I know...I'm such a bitch.