Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm a mess

So this is not what I intended to write today, but for the record, I'm a mess today. I slept in an extra 1/2 hr because I had to have blood drawn and the lab didn't open until 7:30. I get there at 7:32 and there is already 10 people ahead of me. So I wait 20 minutes and then realize that I'm pretty sure I left my insurance card at my office...45 minutes away. So I leave. I drive down the road and find my insurance card in my purse. So I go back and wait another 15 minutes and get my blood drawn.

Some where in this process, I realized that I left the house without a belt. This would not be a big issue except I have lost a few pounds (good thing) and now will spend my day pulling my pants up. FYI, the lab is 5 minutes away from my house, but I didn't bother to go get a belt.

Then there was a line at Starbucks, and did I mention that I am starving because I had to fast for the blood thing. And finally, there was an accident on my route so I had to find a different way to work. Luckily I know like 5.

On the up side, looking at the positive and giving credit where credit is due, as Ginger would say....The sweater I wore today makes my boobs look great!!

PS: One of my coworkers seems to be a bigger mess than I am....Yea me!

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