Monday, February 18, 2008

My Mother is pissed off again

We are involved in an unpopular war - our young men and women are dying on foreign soil every day. Our economy is in big trouble. People are losing their homes to foreclosure. The jobless rate is getting higher every day and we have gunmen roaming our high school and college campuses shooting people for no reason whatsoever.

And what is our Congress doing?

They are wasting their time and our tax dollars trying to determine if an overpaid, pampered, baseball player lied about taking performance enhancing drugs.


If this guy is so stupid as to put crap in his body that will hurt his health or kill him, in the hope of hitting a few more home runs – WHO CARES! It’s a game folks – not national security.

If he did it or didn’t do it - lied about it or didn’t lie about it, it has no effect on me. The fact that the house next door to me has been foreclosed on and the people who lived there are out in the street and many of my friends and family are out of work and it costs more each time I go to the grocery store does have an impact on my life.

Congress needs to get off its ass and do something about the problems of every day


Dave said...

SM, I'll lay odds you aren't alone on this one.

Dave said...

Talk to us Sonja.