Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Now we have a crisis...

Ok, I have been doing my current job for 7 years. For those 7 years I have been told, don't lose money on your classes....try to break even or make a profit..blah, blah. There has never, ever been an exact number, until today. Today we are told we have to make $2100 a week to break even. Fine I can do that...but not right now. My schedule has been set through December, there is nothing that is going to change it, not possible. And to threaten me by saying "if you don't make money in the next three weeks, we going to have to ask WHEN you will". Well that would be sometime around January, maybe Febuary. Vague, closeted, threats do not motivate me, they only frustrated me and piss me off and make me want to leave.

On the same note, if we have been losing money for 4 years, why did it get to the point of being a crisis? Shouldn't someone have said around year 2 maybe, "Hey maybe we should change some things"? Idiot

At least the Universe understands me......

Do you know what it sometimes means, Meredith, when you feel a bit bummed out and aren't sure why? When you catch yourself looking back over your shoulder and wondering? When you feel doubt, sense uncertainty, and experience fear? When you sometimes wonder what's taking so long?

It means you're normal.


The Universe

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