Thursday, April 12, 2007

Billards & Poker

So what the hell ......Husband and I were flipping channels tonight in between programs and husband says go to Billiards. Billiards, OK sure I understand that....8 ball; 9 ball, I can do that for a minute. So we're watching what I thought was 9 ball, right, 9 balls, into the pockets in numerical order, sure I get that. So then one guy misses his shot and then out of nowhere this other guy PICKS UP THE BALL, rubs it off and GIVES IT to the 2nd shooter, who then proceeds to put it anywhere he wants on the table, shoots the 9 ball in the pocket (without shooting 1-8) and wins the game. What the fuck....Oh and the by the way, was called an hand. Why you might ask? Because we were watching Texas Hold 'em Billiards.

Which brings me to my next point (not that there seemed to be a first point, whatever). Who the fuck came up with that. Texas Fucking Hold 'em Billiards. When exactly did Texas Hold 'em become the end all and be all of games (not sports people, poker and billiards are not sports, I don't care what ESPN says) Were was I? Oh yea...I still don't understand Texas Hold 'em poker (not do I want to).

I'm just saying, quit fucking with classic games like poker and pool. It confuses the rest of us, and just pisses us off.


Dave said...

Kinda like Bob's campaign?

This was on ESPN? I love 9 Ball, especially the womens series. I think they are better than the men.

Texas Hold 'em? I'm still not picturing the convergence that lets you do more than place the cueball and move through the numbers; but, I guess that was your point.

SonjaB said...

Dave~~ That was the most tragic part, it was on ESPN.

Thanks for coming by.

Ryan said...

Dave, Sonjab....

Ya'll are going to need to relocate to Texas.

We are taking over the world, one pool game at a time.

Have you done "Texas Hold'em Banking" yet?

It's a blast... You put all your Social Security earnings in a pot and depending on the river card...

Anyways - I've most likely said enough.

ESPN should concentrate more on Darts and things I really like to watch.

Dave said...

Ryan, you're everywhere. Or did I get to sonjab through you?

I've always loved pool. I go back to it periodically. At a point about ten years ago, I quit because I wasn't going to get any better unless I played three or four hours a day and that was not an economically viable plan.

Strangely, a friend and I are going to play tomorrow. It'll be the first time I've played in about a year and a half. That reminds me, I have to find my cue.

SonjaB said...

Ryan ~~ when I move it will be to someplace that is not hot as the sun. I currently live in Fl and somehow missed winter.

SonjaB said...

Dave~~ Actually I think you got here from Bob's Letter's page. And I got there from Ryan's blog. So yes Ryan is everywhere. Later, we can play six degrees of Ryan.

Groovy Lady said...

I don't know how I got here. :D

I also don't know how to play Texas Hold'em poker or the billiards version of it. But I do know how to play both games in their classic form and don't want them messed with.

Ryan your comment made me laugh out loud. :P