Monday, September 17, 2007

But he didn't kill his ex-wife....

Is there anybody out there who now does not believe that OJ Simpson is a complete sociopath?

As I understand these new charges, he did not pay rent on a storage unit and his property was legally auctioned off to cover the debt. Then he commits what amounts to a home invasion robbery at the hotel room of the guys who bought his stuff and threatens them, allegedly with a gun, and steals back his former stuff.

Did he think he would get away with this? Did he believe that nobody would recognize him? (No officer, I've never seen the crazy black man with the gun who broke into my room)

What was he thinking?

We all know that there is a big difference between being found not guilty and actually being innocent. All these years he's been looking for the real killer, he never looked in the mirror.

Maybe this time he'll get what he deserves.


Dave said...

He made his mistake in not doing it in Southern California. The Phil Spector trial jury is deadlocked.

Debo Blue said...

I agree Sonjab, this is one of THE stupidest humans in the face of the earth!

They say lightning doesn't strike twice. I'm willing to bet a whole year's salary (yep, all $28k) that O.J's gonna be someone's b--ch in a cell very soon!

PS-thanks for stopping by my site. I appreciate the comments.

SonjaB said...

I don't know debo, that sounds like a sucker bet to me.

Thanks also to you for stopping by here.

Rhea said...

He IS a sociopath. He can't stop himself. He needs to be in prison.

SonjaB said...

Rhea..he certainly is and like I said I hope he gets what he deserves

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Please come again.