Monday, June 30, 2008

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time (one year ago), there was a beautiful princess who had a great job that she loved. Unfortunately this great job was at a place called the Evil Empire. The Empire was ruled by the Evil Emperor Dungbettle and his henchman Prince Dillweed.

One day the the princess decided that she had had enough of Prince Dillweed's flagrant violation of the rules of the greater Kingdom, so she went to talk to the good witch from the East. The good witch also was tired of the Prince and the Emperor, so she used the information provided to her by the princess to discipline Prince Dillweed. This made the Emperor very mad, and although the good witch would never tell the Emperor the source of her information, he knew it was the princess. He knew because the princess had been mentored by the Wizard of Limburger, who had been driven out of the kingdom by the Emperor many years before.

The Emperor and the Prince conspired with the princess's supervisor Lord Jelly Fish to lie about the princess and she to was driven out of the Empire.

The End

So far there is no happy ending and the moral of the story is "No good deed goes unpunished"

Mom stop crying


Wendy said...

o.k., once again i have to start with WOW!

Very clever, but you still seem a bit hostle. What brought this up again. You have moved on, right!

And don't be so sure about the good deed part it may just take time.

Besides, Graduation Day is just around the corner, we are looking forward to that....aren't we!

SonjaB said...

Yes a little bitter still, especially since I can't get a full-time job. Just commemorating the 1 year anniversary of unemployment.

Wendy said...

Ahh Understood!
still take this time and be wonderful in it. I have a book for you to read.

Maybe your not ment to be in corp America, maybe you are suppose to learn the retail business for a few mths, maybe you can put some of your work(cards) in the boutique. Maybe you are suppose to open your own store, or better yet an online store, You are very smart on the computer with websites. Stop looking in one direction and just focus on what makes you really happy and throw yourself into that. Keep fling yourself at that until you wake up happy and could care less about what the ding dongs at your old job did, are doing or what you think they are doing.

Do as B-man says, Stop and smell the World.