Friday, September 26, 2008

Her sleep number is a 5

The black ball of fluff there in the bed is Kady, her sleep number is a 5. Since getting the Sleep Number bed a few weeks ago, Kady has decided she loves the bed even more. She gets in a hole and crashes. Last night I went into the bedroom to get ready for bed and there she was blissfully comatose. I was able to close the closet door, got back to the living room and get the camera, take two pictures (the first with a flash), and was getting ready to take the third when she finally work up.
Most people who know Kady, know she's kind of skiddy, most things don't get by her, and nothing usually sneaks up on her. What a compliment to the sleep number technology.

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Dave said...

I don't need a sleep number. Were I to have one, it would (assuming high is hard) be a 99. I have a platform bed with a super firm, or something mattress. Though I'm thinking of adding one of those pillow top things.