Sunday, February 08, 2009

Food on a Stick

Husband and I went to the State Fair today. I love the fair! Bunnies, and cows and bears OH MY! You can also get almost any kind of food you want on a stick, or fired or in some cases both.

I got licked by a giraffe, which reminds me of a Wendy story. Shortly after Wendy came to live with me, she went to the Fair and fed the giraffe. She promptly came home and asked if we could have one. I had to break the news to her that I didn't think we were zoned for giraffe. We got a Basset Hound instead.

Anyway, I petted lots of farm animals and ate lots of fried junk (Mmmm fried cheddar cheese) and brought home my yearly bag of cotton candy.

It was a good weekend off with husband.


Wendy said...

Yeah a good time had by all. I still want a giraffe! They have a Giraffe at the fair.... I was not going to go but now it may be a must.

Food on a stick goooooood!

Wendy said...

Oh also YEAH you blogged. I a so happy to see you back in blog world

Dave said...

Kismet. As I clicked you in the Favorites, I thought to leave a comment under the glasses "write something!" Low and behold, how did you get that post published between the time of my thought and when the page opened?