Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Random Stuff

1. Husband and I got a new puppy. His name is Lucky, he is the anti-Christ. Nala, the older one, was never this bad at 4mos. Lucky is psychotic and is a bad influence on Nala. I should have just said yes to the cat.

2. It was reported yesterday the Lindsey Lohan is suing E-trade over their Superbowl "mil-a-holic" commercial. Apparently the milk-a-holic baby in the commercial named Lindsey is a parody of Ms. Lohan. Ms. Loahn is deluded into thinking that she has one name status on par with Oprah or Cher. Honestly when I saw the commercial, a) didn't realize the baby had a name and b) didn't think of Lindsey Lohan. In fact I rarely think of Lindsey Lohan.

3. Actor and 80's teen idol (their words not mine) Corey Haim died today of an apparent drug overdose. Some news outlets have reported this as a "shocking" death. Really??? Shocking??? He's been a drug addict since he was 12 years old. How is this shocking? As a friend of mine so poignantly said..

Officer James Bonneau of Jackson PD died yesterday responding to a Domestic Disturbance call. Today a self-indulgent asshole named Cory Haim died of a drug overdose. Guess which one got the most press?

Well that's all for now. Soon there will be news on the work front, but I can't comment until things are official. Also I had to implement the security word on my comment page, I hate it and I'm sorry, but my little blog was getting spammed.

TTFN...I have to go see what demon puppy is up to.


Dave said...

I like the one in first class on the plane with the other little kid calling "Dad?" when the pilot talks on the intercom.

Sonja's Mom said...

Why couldn't you have just said "no" to the dog?

SonjaB said...

Have you seen the dog? He has evil cute powers.

Anonymous said...
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Dave said...

Happy Birthday. I'm commenting here to find out if you even visit here anymore.