Thursday, March 08, 2012

One show only

Hey there dear reader......

I came back. Like Ryan I miss blogging, although it hasn't been a full two years as I thought. Also I haven't had much to tell..not much has pissed me off lately and that seems to be when I blog the most. Life is actually pretty good. I love my job. I love my hubby and I love my crazy dogs.

I've been working out semi-regularly and started Weight Watchers again...almost 10 lbs since Superbowl. Yayyyy Me. In fact my workout is what inspired me to was to long for Facebook.

The last two days my 25 minutes on the elliptical has gone by really fast. There could be several reasons for this little miracle; Yes I probably need to up my time (what are you my personal trainer) and it could mean I am actually enjoying this torture (doubtful), but today I figured it out.

Judge Judy...yes Judge Judy

Judge Judy comes on about 10 minutes into my torture session, I mean workout. I can't hear the show, but I can read the closed captioning...and this show is awesome. Why has nobody told me about the phenomenon that is Judge Freaking Judy. The people who come before her are are bat shit crazy and make one feel so much better about any minor issues they may be having in their lives. OMG and when Judy (can I call her Judy) gets pissed...lordy it is the best.

I find myself so engrossed in this freak show circus that I forget all about the instrument of torture I happen to be standing on. In fact I have to raise my time limit, because at 25 minutes, I only get to see half the show.

Thanks Judge Judy for making torture time into fun-ish time....Bring on the freak circus!


Dave (I don't feel like signing in) said...

I left a whole nice comment and Blogger ate it. I couldn't listen to 25 minutes of Judge Judy - I do my 25 on the recumbent bike in the morning listening to NPR's Morning Edition. (Bought it 3 weeks ago.) I'm up to a resistance of "4." Next week up to 5.

SonjaB said...

I don't listen to Judge Judy..Just read. I usually list to Flogging Molly

Ryan said...

"Flogging Molly"? So that's what they are calling it now! Hey - it's good to see you back, if even for a short time. If I've ever had thoughts of exercising, I think you've put them to rest. Let me know how it works out for you. Say hello to your mamma for me.