Friday, December 01, 2006

Almost over, so says the Universe..

Can you beileve that it is almost CHristmas? I'm so not ready. On the up side, I got through 2 meetings at work this week without yelling at my boss or anybody else. Yea me!!! The DH has gone back to the midnight shift, so Iget the bed to myself 5 nights a week. Is that selfish? Of course the cat is still sleeping on my head, I'm going to have to convince him he can now sleep beside me. Anyway here is today's message from the Universe....

Can you believe it's already December?

That it's Friday, again?

That as you read these very words, somewhere in the world there are waves crashing, eagles soaring, lilacs blooming, and friends laughing so hard tears are streaming down their faces?

That your life has been changing so swiftly?

That you're absolutely gorgeous, inside and out?

That others who now want to make a fabulous, thriving life with your husband, emulate how you did it?

That peace, love, and happiness are flourishing around the world?

Yeah, I thought you would.

The Universe

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