Thursday, December 14, 2006


OK, I know there are those who think Starbucks is all that is wrong with corporate America, but I just think they rock. And at the one I go to, there is one guy who works there who is fabulous. Here's this morning's conversation:

SBG: Good morning, would you like your usual Americano? (This is a classic sign that even at 1-2 times a week, I'm going there too much)
ME: I don't know, I'm torn between the Americano and the gingerbread latte
SBG: You could have an gingerbread Americano....
ME: Really?????
SBG: Yep, you would get the taste of the gingerbread with the extra shot of espresso found in the Americano. And you would have less milk, but you like a lot of room for cream anyway, right? (another sign)

So I got the gingerbread Americano and it was really good. All the caffeine with a hint of gingerbread taste. I love Starbucks.......

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