Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Basic Math

There are several rants to this post, many, if not all having some tie in to basic math skills

□ I put in a bid for some equipment last March (why is took 1 year is a whole other rant).
After a year, I am told we must bid this out. I’m finally given the “lowest” bid and as I look
at the numbers, I see that bid is $9600.00. My original bid was $9500.00. Now I’m not a
math major but I think 9500 < 9600

□ I am still working on my dissertation. I have twice sent my first two chapter to my chair
for review. Last week I was told “I’ll read these in the next day or 2 and get back to you”
Again 1-2 < 7. Also, I am running out of money to pay for this degree which is actually an
algebra problem… If M=money and D=degree then 0M + 0M = 0D. And I said I’d never
use algebra again.


Steven Novak said...

Wait....M = what?


I can't even figure this out. ;)


SonjaB said...

Yea numbers & letters suck. And I work at a college