Monday, August 13, 2007

And so it begins

Oh Sweet Jesus, football season has started. I'm not sure if I can make it through. I mean I'm already stir crazy from being home most of the time, and now football. I don't mind the regular season so much, only three days a week, and the evening games I only have to sit through half of it. Husband usually leaves for work around half-time.

But pre-season is like basketball season, it seems to never end. There is a game every night this week. Am I being a bad wife? I try to care, but its really hard.


Dave said...

If you want to dabble in stereotypes, watch one of the shopping channels and buy stuff so he has something to complain about. I'm going for humor here and may not have reached it?

SonjaB said...

Problem is, he probably wouldn't complain. He's has his own shopping addictions. I'll be fine once I get into the season.