Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Observations on Unemployment

Unfortunately since this blog is about my thoughts on things in my life, and currently unemployment is part of my life, that is what the theme lately. This is the longest I have been unemployed since I started really working (high school and college employment don't count). I was was out of work a month between the PD and the college, but I knew that the college job was waiting for me, I had a roommate who paid half the bills and I took work at the bar she worked at, so it wasn't bad. So here are my observations on this thing called unemployment.

1. I have gone days without knowing what day it is. When you have no place to be, you can lose track of time. And I have no idea what the date is. I'm lucky to actually know what month it is.

2. I actually have more meetings now then when I had a job. Between the company trying to get me a job, the attorney (another story for another time) and aerobics with mom, I'm actually busy.

3. I am inherently lazy. Oh I'll work hard when I have a job to do, but ultimately when I have nothing to do, I would rather be in bed than any other place. Curled up with a cat and, husband, warm and cozy. Ummm, nothing better. In fact I could use a nap now.

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friend at work said...

At least you are busy with meetings that actually MEAN something... We've got meetings here but they are just BS filled renditions of how everyone else is doing a great job.

Lots of moves are happening here (again) so, as always, fun times abound! Talk to you soon ~ PRB