Wednesday, October 10, 2007

nothing to say

I'm really bad at this blogging thing. Lately I have nothing to say. Everyday is the same, get up look for a job, watch TV, ignore my dissertation, go back to bed and nap.

I emailed my attorney a week ago and have not heard back from her. I asked her what the odds of getting my job back would be since all the alleged violations they claimed I committed were actually not found by the State auditor. (Did that make sense?) I suppose I should call her, schedule an appointment or something.

I'll get back on track after I get back from vacation. Next week, for our anniversary, husband and I are going to NC for 4 days.


Dave said...

I didn't know the parting was that way. Sorry. And sorry for the food word diatribe. I got carried away. Those are real sentences, I went back and checked. Just too long.

Ryan said...

It's called a funk... we all have them.

Even Dave has them sometimes. But not as often as the rest of us.

If you have room, I'll go with you and hubby. Don't worry, I don't feel like I would be a burden or ruin your vacation and I don't feel bad for inviting myself.

Just give me the dates....

SonjaB said...

dave -- Yea I found out after I left what was put in my file and it was ugly.

ryan -- Husband says good luck

Dave said...

Dave lives in a funk. He just learned to write throught them because that's how he gets paid. Had he not learned that he would be homeless and stealing bandwidth at cybercafes. Has anyone ever been to such an establishment?

I'm a bit crotchety today as it is my fourth day of dealing with a huge, though probably lucrative, problem at work. Almost a two hour conference call in which I was the moderator, herding kittens, couldn't even put the call on mute and walk out of the office for awhile.