Monday, October 22, 2007

Seriously OK chicken

We made it to NC and home. Yea us. Last Monday, husband got home from work at 5....AM. we were out of the house by 5:30. I'm sure that is a new personal best time for me. After gas and money we were on the road. Husband drove for 5.5 hours, almost all the way to Atlanta. I got to drive through Atlanta while husband slept. This is possibly one of the more dangerous things we could have done. We all know about my driving/ADD problems, so imagine how much fun it was to drive husband's F150 through Atlanta. It takes a good 15 miles for me to get comfortable driving the truck.

(BTW, Dave is there ever a time that I85 or 495 or anything in Atlanta is not ridiculously crowed?)

Anyway we got to NC by 4:30 PM, got to the cabin with the driveway of death and had a wonderful couple of days.

Oh yea the title, I almost forgot. So as we're driving through Georgia we see signs for Zaxby's chicken and it is advertised as "Seriously Good Chicken". We decide to stop in Buford to try this seriously good chicken. This is were I (and an 18 wheeler) almost killed us getting off the Interstate. Anyway, the chicken was ok, cold slaw sucked, but the Texas Toast was seriously good.


Dave said...

If my time calculations are correct, you got to the South side at about 10:30 or 11:00 a.m. on a Monday. What crowd? That is about as non traffic as it can get here during the daylight hours.

I'm also assuming that you didn't take 285 around town, but hit the "Connector" (the merge for a few miles of 75 and 85) and experienced the joys of people crossing six lanes at the last minute, not that taking the "perimeter" would have helped other than the lane changes.

Glad you enjoyed the time up here in the "North."

Zaxby's? Google Watershed Atlanta Fried Chicken Scott something or other who is the chef. God asked him for the recipe. I think he declined. It's only served at the restaurant on Tuesdays. When they run out that's it.

In our own defense, we are not as bad as Miami. They are flat crazy drivers down there.

R2K said...

: )