Friday, December 14, 2007

Earning your paycheck

The news reported yesterday the A-Rod signed a 10 year contract worth $275 million. That's $27 million per year to hit a ball and run around bases. Husband, who is a law enforcement officer, and I were discussing this. Husband gets like $40 K a year and has the potential to get seriously injured, or killed. I don't think A-Rod is likely to die during a game, so husband and I thought of some ways to make pro games more interesting and give the players some incentive to earn that paycheck. Here's some of our suggestions:

Randomly exploding balls -- this can be for baseball, football and basketball

Randomly exploding bases -- baseball

Camouflaged pits in the field -- for baseball and football

Wrist bands with mild electrical shock randomly given by the commentators -- baseball, but this would also work for football by putting the electrodes in the pads

"Spectator "plants in the stands with paint ball guns firing projectiles at the players

Thoughts anyone?

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Ron Davison said...

As long as the players are re-doing biology, it seems a simple thing to re-do the rules. I've always like the idea of the batter being able to charge the pitcher maybe, say, twice a game. Keep everyone on edge. Or just yell "fore" once per game and pull a ball out of your back pocket and get a free fungo hit.
Exploding bases though, that would make for some great high light film. I like it.