Monday, December 03, 2007

Wikipedia Hell

I have just spent the last hour in what is referred to in our home as Wikipedia Hell. I have been reading everything there is to know and then some about the Star Trek series....all of them.

How did this start you might ask? Is she a closet Trekkie? God we hope not. No friends I am not a closet (or open) Trekkie. I have been know to enjoy an episode but do not have Klingon outfit or English to Klingon translator in my possession.

So how did this start. Like all trips to Wikihell, with an innocent query. I looked up the novel Roots (there was a Jeopardy question). That led me to the mini-series, which led me to look up LeVar Burton, which led to Geordi La Forge. And that's how it goes, one link leads to another and the next thing you know its 3 AM and you know more than you ever should about Star Trek.

Those little blue links, you just want to click on them and see where they lead.

Other notable searches...
The Tutors (the Showtime series led to a long night with the actual family)
Elizabeth (searching the movie led to an equally long night with same said family)
Anderson Cooper (did you know he was a Vanderbilt, I do now)
The Last Samurai (look up a movie learn about a real life rebellion)

This is a warning my dear friends, wikipedia is evil and was sent here by aliens to keep us from sleeping. Once we are sleep deprived and full of useless trivia, they are going to take over the world.

It could happen.....

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Dave said...

Fear not. Wikipedia is just the new World Book.

When I was seven or eight, my parents bought The World Book Encylopedia, which I worked my way through, not in volume order. On a regular basis my mother would enter the living room and see me on the floor surrounded by four or five volumes. "David, put all but one of those back on the shelf." "But Mom!"

Wikipedia is a less messy World Book.