Monday, March 09, 2009

R.I.P. Kody

Kody Bowman (AKA: Kody Boy & Mr. Kody) passed away at Bluffs Animal Hospital today. He was 15. He had fought a long battle with kidney disease.

Kody loved to play with his catnip toys and was especially fond of his best friend carrot. Carrot was his confident for many years and kept all Kody's secrets.

Kody also loved to chase and catch lizards on the porch. He would often bring the little guys in the house to show us his hunting prowess.

Kody enjoined eating. His favorite food was yogurt, which he would share with his mom in the mornings while she got ready for work. He also loved bomb pop and bull riding nights with mom and Wendy. Oddly enough he liked saltine crackers too.

Kody is survived by his mom, Sonja and Husband, his sisters Kady and Nala and many, many friends and family.

Much thanks to the doctor's and staff at Bluffs Animal Hospital for all their great care of Kody right to the end.


Wendy said...

How very sad. My heart and tears go out to you. I have fond memories of him licking my spoon for the best parts of yogurt. I know the lose of a fur child is one that takes time to grasp.

We will miss him and think of him often.

Love Aunt Wendy

Dave said...

I'm sorry for your loss.

Sonja's Mom said...

While I love Katy, Kody was always the more friendly of the two. When you were away, Kody was the one that would always come out to greet me and let me pet him. Oh crap - now I'm crying! Kody was a sweet cat and I will miss him too.

Wendy said...

I was laying in bed yesterday thinking about Kody and I remebered, Weather kitty. He loved that....o.k, he didn't but we did.

SonjaB said...

LOL, weather kitty. Yeah he hated that.