Sunday, March 22, 2009

Time Marches On...

Back in the day before marriage and soul-crushing jobs, when I was living with Wendy,if I left the house after 10 pm on Saturday night, it was dressed in tight Wranglers, and a cowboy hat. The intent was to drink beer and flirt with cowboys 10 years younger then me.

Last night I left the house after 10pm in my pajamas to go watch Twilight with my mom. We had popcorn, and milk duds. No beer, no cowboys. It was a lot of fun, but boy how times have changed.


Dave said...

Please don't tell me that after the bar closed you went to an after-hours joint. Or do. I did.

SonjaB said...

We don't really have those down here. Wendy actually worked at the bar, so we hung out while she counted out, then wnet home.

No bars for me now.

Wendy said...

Girl friend can i get an AMEN!

If I am even up at 10pm I am sure not it some great single digit size jeans sipping a mixed drink.

It is a wonder at all that my dear sweet husband even recognizes me these days.

Never having attended college I don't have those great frat party memories, so those days are my fondest memories of my fleeting youth.

Shawn and I were just reminiscing about those days when we were in Jax last week. hey lets run a marathon then go and that evening, drinking and dancing with a group of Young Sailors. AHHHH those were the days. Today I am lucky to shower.

SonjaB said...

I never really went to Frat parties. The days with you and the cowboys were my best party days.

Bowman/Crawford B&B