Thursday, December 24, 2009

No news is good...

My mom asked me tonight if I watch the new every night. I said I didn't because its depressing and usually just pisses me off. I was told I should watch it anyway. So to make my's why I don't watch the news.

Had I not watched the new tonight I would have been blissfully ignorant to the fact the Michael Vick was given the Ed Block Courage Award today. This award "honors those National Football League players who exemplify commitments to the principles of sportsmanship and courage." It is usually given "for things like coming back from injury, doing good work in the community or long, dedicated service to a franchise"

I am fairly sure that starting your football career over after doing prison time for running a dog fighting ring is not what the award founders had in mind. Sure Vick did his time and deserves to have a second chance. The same second chance most convicted felons get to have. He does not deserve to walk back into a multi-million dollar career and he certainly does not deserve to get and award that is supposed to exemplify commitments to the principles of sportsmanship and courage.

If you want to honor someone, honor somebody like Warrick Dunn, whose mother, a police officer, was killed in the line of duty when he was just 18. He went to college and made a career. He gives back to his community and has never been convicted of a crime. (and yes I know he's a free agent..not the point)

And while I'm on my little rant...yes it is sad that Chris Henry died so young. Its always tragic when someone does. But please spare me the platitudes about how he was "turning he life around". He died while attempting to assault he fiance and the mother of his children. That is not someone who is turning his life around.

So do you see why I don't watch the news...

Ok back to your regularly scheduled Christmas Eve.


Dave said...

But, it pisses you off and then you write good stuff, like this post.

Seems like you need to take one for the blogging team.

Merry Christmas.

SonjaB said...

Dave, Somehow I'd knew you would say that.

Merry Christmas.

Sonja's Mom said...

See. See. See. I told you.

Anonymous said...

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