Thursday, January 07, 2010

Winter Thoughts

I live in Florida so you will never hear me complain when it get cold here. I hate the hot, miserable, sweaty summers. When it gets cold you can pull out the sweaters, the down comforter, and the snuggie.

That being said here's some not so random thoughts about this week's cold snap.....

  • What the hell am I supposed to do with ice on my windshield at 7 am? I don't own an ice scraper, nor would I know where to buy one. It was almost and excuse to call in sick and go back to bed
  • When you have the heat on in the car high enough to keep your toes from getting frostbite, you have a tendency to want to fall asleep.
  • I'm pretty sure my office, inside a building, should not be as cold or colder than it is outside

Ok, I have to set my desk on fire now, the polar bear who lives in my office want to make smores.

1 comment:

Dave said...

Yah? I up the ante. I snowed with real live flakes this afternoon, it is now sleeting, something we specialize hereabouts. It will then turn to snow, just in time to produce ice, another thing we hold dear.