Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Help my cause

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If you're looking for a search engine that benefits a cause, consider

Here's what makes so useful:

1) We receive exactly $0.02 per qualified search - no hidden fees, no vague percentages, no limits;
2) Donation checks are sent every month;
3) It's free and free;
4) You can keep track of your individual contributions through their parent program,;
5) If you shop online, up to 26% of each purchase via also benefits our cause!
6) It's powered by (a site that has been helping causes raise money online since 1997), so we know it's not just a flash in the pan!

See it for yourself at:

My charity is the Critical Incident Stress Management of West Central Florida. I have been a member of this orgainzation for over 10 years.

CISM of West Central Florida is a 501(c)3 non-profit, emergency services organization dedicated to the prevention and mitigation of disabling stress through the provision of:

Education, training and support services for all Emergency Services professions; Continuing education and training in Emergency Mental Health Services for the Mental Health Community;

Crisis Intervention following stressful events, including trauma and disaster response.

We do good work to provide crisis/stress management to public saftey first responders. iGive is quick and easy, so why not donate money while you search.


Dave said...

Close to Google quality?

SonjaB said...

yea pretty close

SonjaB said...

try it if you don't like it you don't have to use it

Dave said...

I will.

Dave said...

OK, I'm confused. I clicked the link and did a search. But, the site has no obvious link to your charity. Am I missing something? Is there a unique site that gets your people the two cents?

Dave said...

Have I figured this out? I have to type in CISM and then do the search?

Anonymous said...
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SonjaB said...

Yes you have to pick my charity first then you can search as much as you want.