Friday, June 29, 2007

End of days

Today was my final day at work. I actually went to work and was busy. I wanted to get out by 3:30 -4ish, but still was there until almost 5. WTF? One of my co-workers had a Starbucks coffee party for me, and two other FAW's took me to lunch. I also got flowers delivered from one of my instructors. All in all it was a good going away. And no tears.... I'm going to miss the people and the job, but not the politics.

Now I get to figure out what's next. I still have no job, but I have applications out all over. Its going to be ok. Mom and husband assure me so.


Dave said...

Update, please.

SonjaB said...

I thought you had left me

Dave said...

Nah, I'm always checking in. When you first posted this, I was a bit depressed and didn't have anything funny to say. So I settled for the two words. Thanks for your comment at my place.