Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Full week's work

I actually planned to work a full week this week. I know shocking. I was more than half way there this morning after having one of those daily starts that just tells you its going to be a mess today.

I splashed yogurt on my 2nd to last pair of pants and had to change. Decided to take the dry cleaning in, and left my debit card at home.

Anyway, while on the interstate, I get a call from a co-worker that the building has been closed because a transformer blew and there was no power. Most importantly, no AC, its damn hot right now. This phone call led to me driving around in circle for about 20 minutes caught between, "should I go to the building to check on my classes, or should I go home?" I ended up calling the boss' assistant who told all my people to go home and come back tomorrow.

I went home and went and went back to bed. Just like a snow, but hotter.

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Anonymous said...

Howz about gettin some good grammer up in there... a snow... snow what?