Monday, June 18, 2007

Stolen truck

My F.A.W. (Friend at work) PRB sent me an article about bunnies screwing on an airstrip and clogging up air traffic. Good story, funny even, but I think this is better.

A local fire station here in the area had a fire engine stolen from their station. Let me repeat that, someone came into the fire station, where the firemen work and stole a FIRE ENGINE. Not the really big one with the ladder and all, but still a FIRE ENGINE.

That in and of itself is funny, but the best part is that it was stolen on Saturday and not recovered until Monday. What the hell do you do with a florescent lime green fire engine all weekend. That's not like stealing a Toyota, I think the neighbors might notice you joy-riding around the hood in a fire engine.



Memphis Steve said...

I gots me one fine green firetruck, ifs you ever wants ta go fuh a ride.

Anonymous said...

Update - Mom turned son in. Said he was always interested in fire trucks and helping people so she knew it had to be him.

Dave said...

One day this week a couple of thieves boosted a Honda in one of the Atlanta suburbs. Only problem - it had a manual transmission and they had not yet acquired the necessary skill to drive it. Both, at last report, were safely in the county jail.