Monday, July 16, 2007

Calling Bullshit

Webster's Dictionary defines a Sport as:
(1) : physical activity engaged in for pleasure (2) : a particular activity (as an athletic game) so engaged in

Again imagine my surprise when husband turned on ESPN and found the World Rock Paper Scissors Championships. Very much like the Billiards & Poker I'm trying to figure out how RPS is a SPORT. I can see an physical activity (sort of, barely), or a particular activity, but come on...a sport?

I'm calling Bullshit.


Dave said...

So, what are your thoughts on NASCAR? I think it's a sport.

SonjaB said...

Oh, that's a tricky one. Actually I do, only because it is physically demanding on the drivers. But come on Rock Paper Scissors?

Dave said...

I agree for the same reason, with the added reason that the demands on hand/eye/brain coordination are high.

Alternative definition for sport that lets RPS in is "anything that ESPN shows, regardless of how stupid it is. They once had a whole series devoted to dominoes.

friend at work prb said...

Now, now... don't go beating on dominoes. It takes mathematical skill, hand/eye coordination and cunning to win that game... and isn't the ability to beat out the other guy what sports is all about?!?!

Dave said...

OK fawprb, not to start a fight; but, if we take my ESPN definition away, I need your views on Rock Paper Sizzors before I can cross examine you on the dominoes thing.

friend at work prb said...

Dave... RPS can simply be a game of luck or stupidity, depending on who is losing. Where's the physicality? Where's the mathematical ability (aside from counting to 3 and the logic it takes to know you need the rock every time) or the hand/eye coordination (I can do RPS with my eyes closed and probably still win). I'm a little tired now so I may not sound intelligent but I swear dominoes is harder than RPS (especially when played in the hot afternoon sun in a carribean park).

SonjaB said...

Although if I'm playing dominoes in a Caribbean park with a pina colata it won't be so bad.

Dave said...

OK ladies, let me get this straight, and I'm leaving fruity drinks out of the equation, if made with good champagne, they skew any result,

RPS: physicality factor, throw your hand, starting with your wrist, toward the other player, increased physical points for which move?

Dominoes: bang the tile down on the table, style points for elbow movement and yelling trash talk as you make the move? No dexterity points to be awarded from what I've seen as the players seem incapable of keeping the tiles in line.

Rock always wins in RPS?

Next up: Tic Tac Toe. Is the slashing movement required to make a bold X sufficiently physical to constitute a sports move?

Ryan said...

Meanwhile, I'm patiently awaiting the comeback of competitive night lawndarts.

I'm with you on this one Sonja... bullshit is a good starting place for RPS.

SonjaB said...

Ryan..Welcome back. How's married life?

Good to have you back!!!

Dave said...

You got a head start on Ryan's comeback, a two hour head start. Not fair. Of course, I didn't read the comment at my place until about another two hours later.

I am jealous that you were first to comment.

SonjaB said...

Dave, I was just checking to see if you and my FAW were going to slug it out. Only reason I saw Ryan's comment.

Dave said...

FAW is apparantly sitting the battle out. That said, it's cowardly not to weigh in with an opinion.

Now that Ryan's back, the comments will liven up.

faw said...

Dave, I was a bit busy with a personal achievement so I couldn't get back in. My bad. As for the Dominoes comment, I don't know what dominoes championship you saw but the folks I used to play with were SERIOUS ~ i.e. we played with no alcoholic beverages and mentally strategized which mathematical equation would lead to victory.

In RPS, the fact that you can throw your hand out, starting with your wrist, leads me to think of OTHER sports (of the loving kind) that require the hands to move in a back-and-forth motion.

As for tictactoe, I will never consider that a sport, no matter how many blogs I read or fruity drinks I drink.

PS: got nothin but love for ya Dave :)