Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sad News

It has been reported today that Heath Ledger is dead at the age of 28. What a loss. I have always liked is work. He had such a wide range, and never took parts based solely on his looks.

It's also such a loss at such a young age. Here was a young man with so much talent and so much ahead of him.

I had an ER doctor tell me once that nice people die early but assholes live forever. Here's a young man who seemed to be a nice guy. He wasn't in the new all the time, kept to himself, etc. But Britteny Spears and Pairs Hilton will live forever.

It's sad really.

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Dave said...

Given that continuum, I'm not there yet but am on the way to assholedom. I'm not sure I'm fully on board with the parameters.

Bloggr doesn't know how to spell assholedom, it suggested earldom.