Saturday, August 09, 2008

XXIX Olympics

I love the Olympics, I love everything about the Olympics. I don't pay attention to the politics around the Olympics. I know I should, but during the Olympics I really don't care about human rights violations or protests or the invasion of Georgia.

During the Olympics I will watch sports I would never watch any other time, like rowing or swimming or even badminton (ok I only watch 5 minutes of badminton).

The part I love is the human interest stuff. Like the 9 year old Chinese boy who walked with Yao Ming in the opening ceremony. I cried when they told his story. Or the African swimmer last Olympics who could barely swim, but swam his guts out for his country.

I watched the opening ceremonies last night. Because I had to work, I started watching at 10pm EST in the middle of the parade of nations. Again Love IT! I love watching these kids come in so proud of that moment and so excited to be there, many knowing that this will be the extent of their Olympic moment.

I DVR'd the "artistic" part of the ceremony and watched it after. I was blown away. I agree with my mom, that this was one of the best in a long time. It was so simple, but so dramatic. The torch lighting was also so dramatic.

I'm hooked, I gotta go watch some sport I've never heard of now.


Wendy said...

I love the Olympics as well. Shawn taped the the opening ceremonies I watch part and am so impressed so far. The drum part was cool.

Dave said...

I've never got on the Olympics bandwagon so to speak, though everyone is talking about the opening ceremonies.

Jenks said...

so out of curiousity do you feel any different about the little girl that "sang" or the fireworks show? I did love the lighting of the torch. And the story of the little boy was awesome.